Sonic News: Experience a Regency Rave: Fall of Passion’s Debut Single ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’

Original Source: Experience a Regency Rave: Fall of Passion’s Debut Single ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ – SONIC NEWS

Introducing the captivating debut single from Fall of Passion, Never Gonna Let You Go, set to release 15/04/24. This talented musician is breaking boundaries with a unique blend of modern pop and a historical period drama backdrop, making for an intriguing and mesmerizing sound. 

With influences from Jane Austen to Taylor Swift, Never Gonna Let You Go transports listeners to a bygone era through its cinematic music video. The enchanting visuals follow the journey of the hero through a Regency ball, complete with UV paint and LED lights, adding a modern twist to the classic setting. 

The single itself is a perfect combination of classic pop and contemporary production techniques, showcasing the exceptional vocal talents of Rose White. Fall of Passion’s global orchestration, bringing together musicians from around the world, adds to the beauty and richness of the track. Filmed at prestigious locations such as Black County Park, Chiswick House and Gardens, and Porchester Hall, the video is a visual masterpiece that will capture the hearts of history enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Fall of Passion is breaking new ground with Never Gonna Let You Go, and this debut will surely entice listeners to explore the unique sound of this promising musician. 

Don’t miss the release of this captivating single across all platforms on 15/04/24.

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