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Imagine a world where nothing is as it seems.
Imagine a world where there are no dreams.
Where there is no time and there is no space.
But imagine, why imagine?

The Project

Fall of Passion is a niche art music project developed and produced by British songwriter John F.  Unrestricted by commercial influences and peer pressures, unconventional compositional ideas are allowed to flow freely, creating music that breaks free from the shackles of standard practices.  The result is an immersive and unique listening experience.

The Track

The track allows the traditional and the modern to complement one another by layering multiple live acoustic recordings with electric based equivalents, resulting in the creation of an enriched and harmonious sound. Accomplished singer Rose White delivers a memorable performance, providing powerful and emotionally charged vocals while maintaining a haunting purity. Although recorded using state of the art equipment, retro techniques including passing vocals through an analogue deck of bygone days allowed for a unique softening to be achieved in line with the concept of contrasting the old with the new. Skilfully mixed at The Park Studios in London by seasoned professional Lucas Mendes, and mastered by the legendary Steve Fallone and Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New Jersey, the challenges of a complex arrangement were able to be conquered in style.


Watch: "Never Gonna Let You Go"

The Lyrics

Lyrics do not need to tell a story. Lyrics need to allow the listener to create their own story from a multi-dimensional array of possibilities thereby bringing their own emotions to the foreground.  Reality is not that which is imagined to be present but only that which is actually perceived.  Any story does not need to make any more sense than the life we experience.

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The Video

The Video

The video is set in the Regency period in Great Britain, juxtaposed with the modern.   Reality is mixed with fantasy, life is interlaced with the afterlife, rationality is blended with loss of control.  Purity and passion battle decadence and reason.  Time is the past, present and future all in the blink of an eye…

Directed by Sinth Siva of S7nth Creative.  With Anna Louise as Lead Female. 


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