Music Crowns: Step into a Cinematic Wonderland with Fall of Passion’s Debut Single

Original Source: ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, Passion’s Latest Offering – Subba-Cultcha

Fall of Passion, a pioneering musician, is set to release their debut single Never Gonna Let You Go on 15/04/24, delivering a historical period drama backdrop. The music video for Never Gonna Let You Go is a spectacular cinematic interpretation of the track, immersing viewers into the glorious style of Regency Britain.    Drawing inspiration from classic novels like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Mansfield Park, the video takes viewers on a journey through a grand gala ball filled with intrigue and romance. The combination of lush natural landscapes and regal halls, alongside anachronistic elements like UV paint and LED lights, creates a visual spectacle that reflects the unique sound of the single. The single itself is a vibrant and catchy pop tune, perfectly complemented by the pitch-perfect vocals of Rose White. What sets Never Gonna Let You Go apart is its global orchestration, which was partially done remotely with musicians from different countries such as Italy, Brazil, India, United States, Russia, and Ukraine. 

The result is a unique instrumentation that merges the past with the present. The video was shot at prestigious locations, including the Black County Park in Buckinghamshire (of Harry Potter fame), Chiswick House and Gardens, and Porchester Hall in London. The attention to detail in these settings adds to the immersive experience of the period drama. Fall of Passion’s debut single and video are sure to make waves and attract attention from fans of the Regency period and English history. The release of Never Gonna Let You Go on all major platforms on 15/04/24 marks the beginning of an exciting journey for this talented musician and their fusion of modern pop sensibilities with timeless historical elements.

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