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Fall of Passion is a new London-based music project who make their compelling entrance with their cinematic debut single “Never Gonna Let You Go.” Embracing the fusion of past and present, the track offers a blend of modern folk pop melodies with a Regency-era visuals, creating a unique and enchanting musical experience.

Led by the talented vocalist Rose White, Fall of Passion’s “Never Gonna Let You Go” is opened by a blend of warm acoustic guitar strums and bright strings above a gentle beat, elegant female vocals thread engaging melodic leads as the song builds to the chorus. Bursting open with lively energy, lightly crunching guitar tones and instantly memorable vocal leads, Fall of Passion delivers a stunning slice of their stellar folk pop sound.

Venturing through an enthralling soundscape with smooth ebb and flow, the song rises to an epic instrumental bridge led by rousing strings before launching into the finale chorus. Building to an anthemic crescendo, slick lead electric guitar flourishes inject a rock edge to leave a lasting memory of the song.

The accompanying music video, a British Regency-inspired cinematic spectacle delivers a historical drama style offering. Shot at prestigious locations such as Black County Park in Buckinghamshire (known from Harry Potter), Chiswick House and Gardens and Porchester Hall in London, the video transports viewers to the grandeur of Regency Britain.

Within this historical backdrop, Fall of Passion’s video introduces an anachronistic twist, infusing the period setting with modern elements like UV paint and colorful LED lights. This juxtaposition of historical context with contemporary visuals adds an intriguing layer to the story, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience. It’s a sensational first outing from an exciting new music project and we can’t wait to see what Fall of Passion has in store next.

Watch the music video for Never Gonna Let You Go below

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