Music News: Pioneering musician Fall of Passion creates historical period drama backdrop for debut single ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’

Original Source: Pioneering musician Fall of Passion creates historical period drama backdrop for debut single ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ – Music News |

19 April 2024

Past meets present on Fall of Passion’s cinematic debut single Never Gonna Let You Go set to release 15/04/24. It is every musician’s aim to bring their music to life not just through lyrics and melodies but through the visualisation of video, and this aspect of a musician’s work is underlined fully in the Regency cinematic interpretation of the debut track ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ which draws in a historical theme based around the glorious style of Regency Britain.

Never Gonna Let You Go’s music video has been created as if part of a historical drama series following its hero through a gala ball and all the intrigue that surrounds it. The spectacle is reminiscent of classics like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility through to Mansfield Park, but complimenting a track that is a wonderful slice of pop. Amongst the wonderous backdrops of lush nature and regal halls, the video bursts into a remarkable and anachronistic period ball, complete with UV paint and colourful LED lights, combining historical context with state-of-the-art 2024 video production.

The single itself is certainly one for those with modern pop sensibilities which Taylor Swift would be proud of yet at the same time giving a nod to lovers of Jane Austen. At the centre of the visual extravaganza for Never Gonna Let You Go is Rose White a vocalist who interprets classic pop through a vibrant and pitch perfect vocal. The single’s unique instrumentation is the result of Fall of Passion’s global orchestration which a large part was done remotely hence the worldwide imprint working with musicians from Italy, Brazil, India, United States, Russia, and Ukraine.

Never Gonna Let You Go’s video was filmed at prestigious locations including Black County Park in Buckinghamshire (as featured in Harry Potter), Chiswick House and Gardens, and Porchester Hall in London.

With a unique and stunning debut single, and video to match, Fall of Passion is sure to make waves and be of extra note to fans of the Regency period and English history in general.

Never Gonna Let You Go will be available across all platforms 15/04/24.

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