Music For All: Brits Fall Of Passion debut with the vibrant “Never Gonna Let You Go”

Original Source: Britânicos da Fall Of Passion estreiam com a vibrante “Never Gonna Let You Go” – Music for All

Music is always in a process of renewal and new names emerge all the time, presenting quality work. Of course, the music market, which is so competitive, often ends up not giving as much space to talented artists, who end up not receiving the due and deserved value. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for the British band Fall Of Passion, who are officially releasing the single and video for “Never Gonna Let You Go”, a song that marks their debut, today.

Musically, the song dives into modern Pop, with great taste and in no way beholden to the main names in the style. Mixing engaging beats with classic arrangements, they deliver a vibrant song, which is complemented by vocal lines with unique melodies, which captivate the listener. The chorus is a special case, since before the first audition is over, you will already be singing along.

The launch was accompanied by an official video of much above average quality, which has a strong cinematic appeal and is based on the historical context of the British Regency period (1811-1820), very much reminiscent of classic works, both cinema and art. literature, such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Simply incredible!

“Never Gonna Let You Go” is now available on both the main music streaming platforms and YouTube and its beautiful video can be seen here using the link below. Don’t forget to check out:

Social Media: artist/1tHZc2lgMj3MW20Ml3edsf?si=R6eE0H1FQOGY5-pUlF95_A

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