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I guess you (fans) marked April 15th, 2024 on your calendar for “Never Gonna Let You Go” official release, and if you’re new to Fall of Passion like us, don’t worry, let’s explore together.

Fall of Passion, an uncommon artistic musical project initiated by British lyricist John F., exists beyond the boundaries set forth by commercial influences and peer expectations. This liberation enables unrestricted compositional creativity leading to exceptionally unique music that goes beyond traditional conventions. The result is a captivating auditory journey like no other.

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The enthralling debut single from Fall of Passion, “Never Gonna Let You Go,” showcases a fusion of modern pop elements and historical period drama ambiance. With emotive anthemic vocals that manifest heartfelt emotions, the talented artist skillfully breaks boundaries to craft an invigorating sound that’s both mesmerizing and captivating.

“I never thought you’d ever understand we’re not together.
I never thought you’d ever realize we’re all alone.
Turn away my words of passion, trying to pull me down.
Hey, hey! And I’m never gonna let you go X2
You’re my love and I’ll give it to you right now.
You think you know me, but I’m gonna show you just how.”

The music video for “Never Gonna Let You Go” was designed to emulate an installment from a historical drama series, portraying the main character’s journey amidst the intrigue and splendor of an extravagant ball. Filmed at renowned locations like Black County Park in Buckinghamshire (featured in Harry Potter), Chiswick House and Gardens, as well as Porchester Hall based in London.

The song’s infectiousness is augmented by the incorporation of violin sounds. Despite being created remotely, Fall of Passion implemented international orchestration techniques resulting in distinctive instrumentation influenced by musicians from across Italy, Brazil, India, the United States as well as Russia and Ukraine.

Passion’s inaugural single and its corresponding video are outstanding, poised to make waves among listeners who possess a particular fascination with English history and the Regency period. If you adore orchestral blends that fuse antiquated allure with contemporary rhythms, then this musician is an unequivocal essential for your listening pleasure.

Never Gonna Let You Go is available on all platforms for you to access.

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