Mesmerized: Fall of Passion Share Poignant Historical Journey ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’

Original Source: Fall of Passion Share Poignant Historical Journey ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ – Mesmerized

It rarely happens to receive a record so closely tied to the history of Great Britain. In the case of ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, the track seeks to pay homage to the Regency Era (preceding the Victorian Era). it does so through folk-flavoured pop material, and more importantly, with a music video featuring a historical reenactment, filmed in some of England’s most luscious mansions and parks (for instance Chiswick House and Gardens, and Porchester Hall, in London).

Penned by talented duo Fall of Passion, ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ builds its quirky and alluring identity on fiddles and acoustic guitars, later delving into full band energy. The group’s evocative female vocals are incredibly poignant and expressive, the perfect match for such a vibrant record. Shout out to the guitar solo, which might feel a tad out of place when looked through a historical lens, but that sure adds tons of character to an already compelling release. 

Describing the lyricism behind  ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, Fall of Passion are adamant about the literary value that can be found in it. Stemming from classics such as ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility’, the pair explain: “We champion modern pop sensibilities which Taylor Swift would be proud of, yet at the same time giving a nod to lovers of Jane Austen.”

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