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Apr 17, 2024

As longtime fans of both period dramas and modern pop music, we were beyond excited to check out Fall of Passion’s debut, which combines the two in their music video for “Never Gonna Let You Go.” The single itself has a bit of a country Taylor Swift vibe that hooked us, but the historical and supernatural elements promised in the video description took our interest to another level. We hit play with sky-high expectations, and we were left fully satisfied.
The video starts us off in England a long time ago, during the Regency era. We meet the two main characters who like each other, talking in the forest. We were amazed at all the little details that made it feel like you were there back then. The costume design and how the forest and garden looked, it was just like in the books by Jane Austen. Our two favorite people seemed to connect too.

However, things take a turn quickly when the girl gets taken somewhere else during one of their trysts. What follows is the desperate search to find his lost love that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The music swells as he dashes through lush gardens. She proves elusively good at hiding, though, teasing him with fleeting glimpses that keep the mystery unfolding. By the time they come face to face again at a lavish masquerade ball, the romantic tension is killer.

It’s here that Fall of Passion completely blindsided us. They incorporated blacklight effects into the ballroom scenes! Seeing elaborate period costumes and architecture illuminated with neon colors was jaw-dropping. The creative decision to merge historical accuracy with modern production values was genius and added a whole new layer of intrigue. We rewatched those parts several times just to soak it all in.
The video saves the biggest surprise for the very end. In a real tearjerker of an ending, the lover finds out what happened. From what we gathered, she was killed. And he had been chasing just a ghost the entire time. He then gets taken to the lake where she rests, so they’ll both rest there forever. The sad ending is just so painfully pretty and tragic. It shows their love lasts even after she’s gone.

Fall of Passion’s music video for “Never Gonna Let You Go” is a real work of art. This is one of our favorite drops from 2024. Following Fall of Passion on social media is a smart move if you want to know what they come up with next. And you can listen to “Never Gonna Let You Go” yourself on all the major music apps now. But you have to watch the music video too, without it, you won’t appreciate the debut enough.

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