Indie Music Flix: Fall Of Passion – Never Gonna Let You Go

Original Source: Fall Of Passion – Never Gonna Let You Go

Fall of Passion came in packing quite the punch with their latest release- Never Gonna Let You Go. The track is truly a timeless one giving us a lyrical ballad to hold onto on our period fantasies. Never Gonna Let You Go is a mix of musical sensibilities- with some pop and some folk as well. The track is honestly a journey that has the potential to give you a whiplash.

When we look at the cover art for the song, it already creates a backdrop for us to set the scene for the song. And what an accurate masterpiece it is. It allows us to pay closer attention to the details of the trills from the band that scream period drama. This lyrical ballad has this rock orchestra feeling that oozes from it, emitting this aura that can only be described as a vibrant goth. The track has some solid production work, and details that take us back and forth in terms of genre. It adds a techno-retro feel to it, building more vibrant imagery in our heads. 

The youth and sheer willpower that the song gives us matched Merida’s energy from Brave. Of course, the track leans towards the romantic side but there is a universality to the love that the song speaks of. It could very rightfully match Merida’s desire to free her mum as well. Fall Of Passion really knows how to amp up the drama and cinematic beat structures in their songs. To listen to more such Jane Austin-laced musical gems, click on the links attached above.

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