Good Music Radar: Fall of Passion – Never Gonna Let You Go

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In ExperimentalReview •April 22, 2024 •2 Minutes

Fall of Passion a music project by British songwriter John F. His debut single “Never Gonna Let You Go” seamlessly blends modern and vintage both sonically and visually through the medium of a music video. The track is mixed by Lucan Mendes and mastered by Steve Fallone and Greg Calbi and features vocals by White Rose.

“Never Gonna Let You Go” starts off with bowed string work that is reminiscent of the old English sonic palette setting a very classical, vintage and royal stage. The acoustic guitars complement this well and add a touch of modernity. The percussion is kept very light throughout and I particularly enjoyed the layer that sounds like a heartbeat. Rose White gives a strong vocal performance proving that she understands when to keep it smooth and when to add power.

I liked how the track played with energy, switching between soothing and upbeat without letting things get heavy.  The electric guitar work during the chorus and the echoed-out vocals along with the bowed strings on the bridge are worth noting. Fall Of Passion gives us a completely new melody and guitar solo right before the track comes to an end which I enjoyed quite a bit.

Lyrics are always up for interpretation, but to me the words felt like the narrative of a woman who promises to never let go yet intends to remain mysterious. She is elusive and strays away from revealing too much of herself. The second verse explores the possibility and consequences of separation.

If you are looking for artists exploring the realms of the old and new and working towards bringing them together, then Fall Of Passion is a project to keep an eye on!

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