Beach House Magazine: Fall of Passion – “Never Gonna Let You Go”

Original Source: Fall of Passion – “Never Gonna Let You Go”

I really like “Never Gonna Let You Go” by Fall of Passion. This debut single blends a modern pop vibe with a touch of Regency elegance, reminiscent of Jane Austen’s time. The music video, set as a historical drama at a gala ball, adds a captivating visual layer to the song, marrying the old-world charm of regal halls and lush nature with contemporary elements like UV paint and LED lights.

The vocalist, Rose White, delivers each note with clarity and emotion, making the song a standout. The unique instrumentation, crafted globally, echoes a rich, eclectic mix of cultural influences, enhancing its appeal. Personally, I think this song beautifully merges historical aesthetics with modern pop, making it a remarkable entry in today’s music scene.

Ellie Malkin

Life is better with Music and Coffee. Easily distracted by cats.

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